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Rainbow take over!

Wow, what a busy month March has been! Karina has been taking over TikTok with rainbows; from tutorials to lives, the rainbows have definitely landed! We highly suggest you give us a look if you like a bit of colour (Kerensacrochet and kerrikerensacrochet are our accounts).

The hanging rainbow decorations have been super popular. Look at those tassels! They‘re so straight! Following a suggestion in one of the live videos, we made up some rainbow kits so that people can make their own rainbows. We did not expect them to be as popular as they are!

The rainbow kits come in a variety of colour options, from the classic rainbow colours to a selection of yellows that is like a giant burst of sunshine! Also in the kits are some handmade stitch markers, a crochet hook, darning needle and some funky sticker. We also include a printed tutorial, which is only available in the kits. We do not sell this pattern as it is a basic circle folded in half and the pattern for this can be found in many places on the internet! We include tutorials on how to do an invisible join and how we stagger starts to avoid getting a hexagon shape. We will also have a video tutorial on our YouTube channel very shortly.

If you don’t crochet but would love a rainbow to hang in your house, we also have pre-made rainbows available to purchase in a range of colours.

We are also setting our shop up on this website, following fees increases at Etsy that many makers are unhappy about. Please bear with us whilst we set the shop up, but all products are still available on Etsy.

Kerri ☺️

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