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How it all began...

I started to learn to crochet over 8 years ago. I had tried knitting, and I was awful. Honestly, it was terrible. I didn’t understand tension, or even how to hold the needles. I once tried to make my baby niece a blanket of knitted squares... I never finished it. Knitting was not my thing. One day I was scrolling through blogs and I stumbled across Attic 24. I was amazed. I spent hours reading about the wonderful things that Lucy made with yarn. I was hooked (pun intended). I bought a magazine that had a hook and a few balls of yarn, and I gave it a try. I watched YouTube videos, I read other blogs like Little Tin Bird And Repeat Crafter Me. I failed making my first item (a baby cardigan - I got confused between UK and US terms and so it came out massive!). But I didn’t give up. I kept trying. My first successful project was a Neat Ripple Blanket - following the Attic 24 free tutorial. It was a bit wonky around the edges, full of mistakes, but it was beautiful to me.

I carried on. I shared my makes on Instagram, I made yarny friends (some of the best friends you can make), I made so many different things. Life got in the way, I started teacher training and had zero time. It was only when I went through a rough patch with my mental health 3 years ago that I picked up my hook properly again. I had missed it. As my personal Instagram had gone private, I needed to create a new page so I could share my makes and reconnect to the crochet community. We had moved to Cornwall, and I wanted a name that reflected that... And so Kerensa Crochet was born - Kerensa means love in Cornish. I love what I do. So I carried on crocheting, but always felt I could push myself further. This year I started designing patterns, opened an Etsy shop, teamed up with the lovely Karina and I am loving this journey. My first pattern has been super popular - inspired by a blanket I saw on Pinterest years ago but could never find a pattern for. Sometimes you just have to go for it!

I want to share the world of crochet with as many people as possible, and this website is my gateway to that. Please subscribe to my emails so I can keep you up to date with patterns and tutorials.

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